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Green Phoenix Threads​

Golden Girls. I SUPER PUFFY HEART Betty White, and it just so happens that The Golden Girls was literally the only bright spot in my day during a really terrible time in my life. I am forever grateful for that show. Add together GC's colorful hair from the way back, Betty White, a ton of caffeine, and the brief-yet-intense 20 minute sewing spurts that a new mom must work around and...

<<<< this is what I got. I love to make these and have been incorporating different elements, and using the fraggle technique in wraps. (YES! I call those things fraggles! Isn't it perfect?) 

It's no secret that my diet consists of large amounts of coffee, carbs, and funk music. I was messing around one day while playing George Clinton videos on YouTube, and I got struck with inspiration. Like, smacked down. I rummaged through my sweater swamp and grabbed every wacky thing I could find. While I was chopping and experimenting I threw on some

​I'm so glad you asked....

What The Hell Is A Betty?

If you have a need for fraggly goodness in your life, drop me an email or message me on Facebook. These are generally made to order, so get your Betty on however you like. Prices start at $125 for a regular Betty wrap

like this green one 

<<<<<here                                 ...to $175 for an extra-

​                                        long one that you can                                              bustle up like this red                                               one over here>>>>>

Original Betty sweaters with fraggle cuffs start at $285.

If you have inspirational pictures for me to work with, send them along, and don't forget that I can also upcycle pieces from your own closet. Yes! Really! Throw all your nostalgic stuff that you will never wear again in a box and let me do a little something to it. Think on it. Let me know.