In keeping with my habit of bringing you things that you never knew you wanted (but now do), I am ridiculously excited to introduce these Threads for your heads! They are heat and color resistant. I tie each Thread to two or three hairs, and they stay in until the hairs come out. You can wash and style as usual, get a haircut, and flat iron or curl them (up to 350 degrees). 

I have over 15 colors to choose from, some are even holographic. Pick a color that blends in, or go all out...there isn't a wrong way to do these! Each strand is doubled over, so it's like a two-fer. Installation is painless and fast, and so far I've had no problems getting the littles to sit still for these. 

Email me or message me on Facebook to discuss home visits for installs, booking parties (for kids and/or adults), or to discuss hosting an event at your place of business. I am in Haverhill, MA.

Green Phoenix Threads


​...for your heads!

Handcrafted Quality

Green Phoenix Threads​

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10 Threads for $25

15 Threads for $35

20 Threads for $45

60 Threads for $130